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Video Production

Collaborating only with the best professionals out there, we can offer you elegant solutions and highest quality audiovisual works. And coffee.


Editing, sound editing, special effects, color correction, color grading and all other fancy video and sound related computer magic.


A video production process in which graphics and objects get put in motion in line with the action descriptions included in a script and storyboard.

What else we provide?


Are you looking for a specific actor? Like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? Or Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie together for your production? We can do that. If you have enough money. Which you probably don’t. That’s sad. But we can find you two people who look like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with no problem. You can even draw us a picture of the character you have in mind and we will make a casting and bring that picture to life.

Location Scouting

What’s that? You’ve been looking for a location to shoot your commercial for weeks now and still no success? Oh no! Don’t worry and wipe your tears, we can do it for you!

Free coffee

If you want to meet us, then you can find us at Soo tn.4, Tallinn, Estonia. It’s a bit hard to find our office at first, so here are some instructions: yellow door, second floor, DOT Films. But if you still can’t find us, then you can stay at the parking lot and yell for us, maybe we will hear you. Or call us, whatever. Also, you will get a free cup of coffee. Well a mug with coffee in it, because we don’t really have cups here. And no, you can’t take the mug with you.

Building props

Let’s say you need a chair for your set. But for some reason you don’t like the chairs they sell in the store. The one that you need, needs to be special, different. So you call us, and we build you a chair, just like you wanted it to be. Now it’s your chair, and no one else has a chair just like that anywhere in the world. You are special now.

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